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Number and Operations in Base Ten Understand place value. 3Read and write numbers to 1000 using base-ten numerals, number names, and expanded form.
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Expanded Form to Numeric Form (within 1,000)
 - expanded-form-to-numeric-form-within-1-000 worksheet  - expanded-form-to-numeric-form-within-1-000 worksheet
Numeric to Expanded (within 1,000)
 - numeric-to-expanded-within-1-000 worksheet  - numeric-to-expanded-within-1-000 worksheet
Numeric to Expanded (within 100)
 - numeric-to-expanded-within-100 worksheet  - numeric-to-expanded-within-100 worksheet
Numeric to Word (within 1000)
 - numeric-to-word-within-1000 worksheet  - numeric-to-word-within-1000 worksheet
Word to Numeric (within 1,000)
 - word-to-numeric-within-1-000 worksheet  - word-to-numeric-within-1-000 worksheet