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traditional subtraction Worksheets

Subtraction worksheets are an important tool for helping students learn and practice subtraction. These worksheets can be used in the classroom or at home, and are available for a range of grade levels. Our subtraction worksheets cover basic subtraction facts, multi-digit subtraction, and subtraction with regrouping (borrowing) and more. Each subtraction worksheet has a set of problems for students to solve with space to show their work, and answer keys are provided. In addition to the subtraction worksheets, we also offers printable subtraction flashcards and online assignments help students further practice their subtraction skills.
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Traditional Subtraction
Subtracting Multiples of 10
 - subtracting-multiples-of-10 worksheet  - subtracting-multiples-of-10 worksheet
Subtracting Multiples of Ten (Word)
 - subtracting-multiples-of-ten-word worksheet  - subtracting-multiples-of-ten-word worksheet
Subtracting within 20 (horizontal)
 - subtracting-within-20-horizontal worksheet  - subtracting-within-20-horizontal worksheet
2 Digit Minus 2 Digit
 - 2-digit-minus-2-digit worksheet  - 2-digit-minus-2-digit worksheet
Subtracting within 100 (horizontal)
 - subtracting-within-100-horizontal worksheet  - subtracting-within-100-horizontal worksheet
Subtracting Across Zero
 - subtracting-across-zero worksheet  - subtracting-across-zero worksheet
3 Digit Minus 3 Digit
 - 3-digit-minus-3-digit worksheet  - 3-digit-minus-3-digit worksheet
4 Digit Minus 4 Digit
 - 4-digit-minus-4-digit worksheet  - 4-digit-minus-4-digit worksheet
Subtracting Across Zeroes
 - subtracting-across-zeroes worksheet  - subtracting-across-zeroes worksheet
Subtracting with Regrouping
 - subtracting-with-regrouping worksheet  - subtracting-with-regrouping worksheet
Subtracting without Regrouping
 - subtracting-without-regrouping worksheet  - subtracting-without-regrouping worksheet
Subtraction (Vertical)
 - subtraction-vertical worksheet  - subtraction-vertical worksheet
Subtraction (Horizontal)
 - subtraction-horizontal worksheet  - subtraction-horizontal worksheet
Subtraction (Horizontal)
 - subtraction-horizontal worksheet  - subtraction-horizontal worksheet
Subtracting From a Specific Value
 - subtracting-from-a-specific-value worksheet  - subtracting-from-a-specific-value worksheet
Solving Mixed Problems within 1000 (+ -)
 - solving-mixed-problems-within-1000 worksheet  - solving-mixed-problems-within-1000 worksheet