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Expressions & Equations Solve real-life and mathematical problems using numerical and algebraic expressions and equations. 3Solve multi-step real-life and mathematical problems posed with positive and negative rational numbers in any form (whole numbers, fractions, and decimals], using tools strategically. Apply properties of operations to calculate with numbers in any form; convert between forms as appropriate; and assess the reasonableness of answers using mental computation and estimation strategies. For example: If a woman making $25 an hour gets a 10% raise, she will make an additional 1/10 of her salary an hour, or $2.50, for a new salary of $27.50. If you want to place a towel bar 9 3/4 inches long in the center of a door that is 27 1/2 inches wide, you will need to place the bar about 9 inches from each edge; this estimate can be used as a check on the exact computation.
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Adding and Subtracting Percents and Decimals
 - adding-and-subtracting-percents-and-decimals worksheet  - adding-and-subtracting-percents-and-decimals worksheet
Finding Percent of a Decimal
 - finding-percent-of-a-decimal worksheet  - finding-percent-of-a-decimal worksheet