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Addition Worksheets

Addition worksheets are an excellent resource for improving your addition skills. These worksheets can be downloaded or printed out, making them an easy and convenient way to practice at home or in the classroom. Perfect for traditional and distance learning, these addition worksheets cover basic equations to more complex word problems, helping them understand how numbers work together. Flash cards can also be used to reinforce learned material. Plus, the interactive versions let students have regular practice and help increase speed and accuracy when working on sums. With the best addition worksheets on the internet, you're sure to find what you need!
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Traditional Addition Link
Adding Within 100
 - adding-within-100 worksheet  - adding-within-100 worksheet
Solving Mixed Problems within 100 (+ -)
 - solving-mixed-problems-within-100 worksheet  - solving-mixed-problems-within-100 worksheet
Solving Mixed Problems within 1000 (+ -)
 - solving-mixed-problems-within-1000 worksheet  - solving-mixed-problems-within-1000 worksheet
Adding and Subtracting within 20
 - adding-and-subtracting-within-20 worksheet  - adding-and-subtracting-within-20 worksheet
Adding Within 1,000
 - adding-within-1-000 worksheet  - adding-within-1-000 worksheet
Word Addition Link
Word Addition Within 100
 - word-addition-within-100 worksheet  - word-addition-within-100 worksheet
Multiple Addends Link
Three Addends (2 Digit)
 - three-addends-2-digit worksheet  - three-addends-2-digit worksheet
Four Addends (2 Digit)
 - four-addends-2-digit worksheet  - four-addends-2-digit worksheet
Addition Strategies Link
Finding Sum And Differences with Numberlines
 - finding-sum-and-differences-with-numberlines worksheet  - finding-sum-and-differences-with-numberlines worksheet
Addition Strategies
 - addition-strategies worksheet  - addition-strategies worksheet
Addition Drills Link
Adding-Subtracting 10s and 100s
 - adding-subtracting-10s-and-100s worksheet  - adding-subtracting-10s-and-100s worksheet