Frequently Asked Questions

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When I try to download a sheet all I get is a blank page!
While there is always a chance some code got borked, more than likely your browser is set to automatically download pdf files. You can check this by holding 'ctrl' and hitting the 'j' key. This will pull up a list of all your recent downloads. If you see it in there, that is what is happening.

If not though, please let me know.
What are the Terms of Use for your material?

All the material is free to use or distribute as you want. With a few caveats.

Don't take a ton of stuff
  • If you want to put a sheet on your personal website so students can download it, that's cool. Like an extra practice sheet or the homework for the week.
  • BUT putting every sheet from the site on your personal website wouldn't be.

Don't sell the sheets
  • Pretty self explanatory. If you're a for profit company, you can still use them obviously, but don't put them behind a paywall.

Keep the website on the sheets
  • Just the thing at the very bottom that says "CommonCoreSheets.com".

If possible provide a link to the site
  • The only way the site stays free is through getting visitors. So just something like, "For more practice sheets visit CommonCoreSheets.com" would be greatly appreciated.
Who are you? What's your background? etc?

Hey, I'm Robert.
My background is in webpage design, art and elementary education.
My degrees are in Elementary ed, Secondary Math and English/Secondary Ed Language Arts, though my entire teaching career I only ever taught Math, Science & Social Studies.
After leaving teaching I then went on to create state level test prep, before starting up this website.
You should put the standard on the sheets.
While the standard is not on the sheet by default you CAN add it on there. But only on with the 'Create New Sheet' option.
To add it on just head over to the options here and click 'Include CCSS on sheet'.
Or you can use the 'quick options' in the bottom right of every page.

Plus if you want to customize the standard you can just change the ending of the URL. So if you're on the sheet and you see:

You can change the CSS=1nbt6 at the end to anything you want.
I Can't Scroll Down Through the List
What you should see What you MIGHT see
Here's some things you might try:
1. Using the scroll wheel on your mouse. It should scroll the list up or down without any clicking.
2. Some browsers will hide the scroll bar until you click where it should be. You might try clicking the right side where it should appear.
3. If you're on a tablet, keep your finger held down on the box to scroll down and then move your finger off the box before letting up.
4. If none of the above works, your browser may not be up to date. You might check out these browsers: Firefox or Chrome
When are you going to add reading / more grades?
Loaded question. Right now everything is in that awkward 'transition' phase. I've still got a ton of work to do on Math and a couple other things before I get really rolling on reading.
The current plan is to do reading completely different than anything I've seen so far. But naturally any kind of innovation takes a looong time to get going initially.
But it is planned and is on the way.
The page looks weird / I can't access a worksheet.
Because the page was built with CSS and to current web development standards, the page may look weird or drop down menus may not work like they are supposed to if an older browser is used. This problem can be resolved by ensuring you are using the latest version of your web browser. I recommend using the firefox or chrome web browser to make sure content displays properly. The example below shows how the browser looks in older versions of Internet Explorer, compared to how it is supposed to look.

The page as displayed in Internet Explorer 7.0

The page as displayed in FireFox 19.02

Do you have X type of sheet?
While the selection of sheets is constantly expanding it may be a while before I have the exact sheet you're looking for. If you don't see a sheet you need be sure to send an E-mail with the type and some sample type of questions and I'll bump it to the top of the queue and get it made as soon as possible.